Friday, 11 December 2009

THING 16 - Une Homage to Alexis and Krystal

As " GOD DAMN IT ALEXIS!! ' has been the phrase du jour since my friends got their prized Dynasty DVD box set last month, I thought this would be their ideal xmas present.
Symbolically, Krystal is fading into the background in this 3D photo collage wit 3 layers..the middle layer actually being a Denver, Colorado skyline ( how about that for attention to detail hee hee ) and the uber glamorous Joany Collins, of course in the forefront dahlinks! The frame was gold leafed for extra camp bling, and i did have a photo of the gold leafing process, but my camera decided it didnt want to upload that one - the joys of digital photography..they didnt have THAT to deal with in 1980's Denver did they? no..just diamonds, love triangles,oil rigs and big hats.

1 comment:

  1. GLAM-A-Rama! that show took palce in DENVER? How UN-Glamourous, seriously I've been there. Though the hot springs soak outside in the Rockies was great. ;)