Wednesday, 16 September 2009

THING 10 - Antiques Roadshow!!

Ok ok so its a bit of a cop(y) out this week!! But Ive been real busy y' yadda yadda!! anyway, its the same telly, with a different face..and in GLORIOUS TECHNICOLOUR! and black n white..une HOmage to the Antiques Roadshow satr Hugh Scully..because we needed an image for the Antiques Roadshow themed Sunday DJ session at the Salutation Pub in Hulme this Sunday, at which we ( the Bobkatz ..Bailey Bobbles and Madame Tukatz ) will be bidding head to head over the wheels of stainless steel, with vintage beats, collectable breaks, classic reggae and some musty, fusty rare old disco found at the back of a cupboard covered in mothballs but worth millions. The image of the TV was cleverly and amazingly placed into its perfect background by Darren, a talented graphic designer and one of the Disko Pogo posse, who along with Lord Jim Drambui Lee, will be hosting the event on Sunday. Roll up Roll up!!

Monday, 7 September 2009

THING 9 - Trevor Macdonald

Here is the News... My favourite news reader ever immortalised in my very own 50's retro telly. This image available at NEXUS art cafe, Dale St, Manchester for £1, this weekend only!! at the She Laughs art sale