Monday, 18 January 2010


SPRINGTIME DRUM&BASS MIX!! ...with birds, sunshine, carnivals, clear blue skies...what more could you need ??! half an hour of bouncing around like bunnies on spacehoppers while you spring clean the kitchen.

listen here

Friday, 8 January 2010

THING 19 - Its CURTAINS for you Batman!!!!

Ok not the most exciting post, but as its the same temperature in the UK as it is in the South Pole, OFFICIALLY!!! I need some god damn ways of conserving the heat in my flat, which has very high ceilings and very huge windows.
Ittook me an entire episode of 'The Bill' to sew these muthaz up. Got the ace fabric at a bargain price from Arkadash in the Northern Quarter. Its very opulent - all the black bits are flocked. It reminds me of a kind of Tim Burton fantasy garden sort of style..which reminds me - I cant WAIT for his new 'Alice' film to come out!!!