Thursday, 11 February 2010

THING 22 - Sting like a B (sides) podcast of...well, B-sides off my 45's

Go here to have a listen

random selections of 7 inches, played in the order they came off the fancy mixing. just listen and enjoy jazzcats!

Tuesday, 9 February 2010


This month is a joint effort by Mini me and myself - we created this screen printed t-shirt at an open day ( at Zion Arts Centre in Manchester) with the help of the 0ne69 printing collective who were doing a print-your-own-tshirt we did this one..and it wasnt deliberately ' valentines' themed, but seeing as its this weekend.. happy valentines everybody! we love you for following this blog! Mwah! xxxx
Mini me drew the cats all by herself..I stitched the eyes and whiskers on later with sequins and cotton... and then she tells me that I should have stitched some ears on cat number 2 aswell, but i thought he looked cute a manx cat.
we love our cats ...our valentines wishes go out to them, and each other! who's are yours for?