Monday, 17 August 2009

THING 8 - Mock Lobster - archive Bisque

Check out my podcast "Tukatz Podcatz !!":

So this is a better link to my podcasts actually - it took a while to sort the page out and get it looking niiice.

Right this one is explained on the Podomatic page - a mash up I did with DJ Dazee a few yrs back, after she heard me mix B52s with some Digital (drum n bass) at Cosies in Bristol , she decided to help me do a mash up with her original dirty jump up basslines. Hurrah said I !! ..and it was so

THING 7 ... Podcatz !!! Technology will not beat me!

Here's a link to my podcast:

Because after years of deliberating about it and being a complete technophobe, I have uploaded a vintage DJmix to this ace website called Podomatic, and I shall continue to upload some old stuff, new stuff, pink stuff, blue stuff, to that site and post links on here..

infact because Ive been on holiday ( to Holland, which was very lovely, and was in fact my summer 'Holland-day' I guess) I have been a bit lazy and not kept to my weekly challenge, so Id best upload 2 hot mixes today..

the first one is called Vintage Classics and its almost an hour long , so I suggest ya make a brew...