Monday, 27 July 2009

THING 6 - Remixed Desigual sundress

THIS..IS..A..REEEEEEEEEMIX!!! wicci wicci wahhhhhh
Recycling an old summer skirt was this weeks project. It was a lovely, but slightly colour-mad skirt from a brand in Barcelona ( Desigual), so heaven only knows why someone who likes to camouflage herself into the urban environment (me) bought this to wear...The Catalan sun must have gone to my head and made me want to reinvent myself into a tropical beach cocktail...Needless to say, it was worn about 3 times.. The Desigual logo shoulder straps used to be the waistband of the skirt..and the skirt was A it was simple to chop up, sew up and shrink a bit into a 3yr old little lady's sundress. Now all we need is some sun.....

Thursday, 16 July 2009

THING 5 - " Geisha girl Close Encounter "

This weeks thing is an illustration - I like to call them my pocket doodles, coz they are hardly ever bigger than a postcard , sometimes even as small as a postage's a kind of autobiographical drawing ..coz I did see a little orange UFO once. Honest I did!!! in Brixton, above our house in 1997.... HONESTLY !!!! jeez!

Thursday, 9 July 2009

THING 4 - 'Kitsune' origami fox

Cheating a bit this week - got this cool origami book off my friend Debbie, and this fox wasnt that diffcult to make, so it did not tax my frazzled brain too much this week !
The book is called ' Cochae origami card book' and there is a website
release your inner manga ninja buddah, and get folding!

Thursday, 2 July 2009

THING 3 - Baaaaaaaalmy ! Pop(u)lar sheep

Well the sun has gone to my head this week, so its time for a bit of silliness after all that serious dressmaking.

These sheep were made on the only week they could have been made - when the balsam poplar seeds fall from the trees in our local park - which is a MAD experience! It looks as if its snowing, but its a hot sunny day, and if its windy this ' snow ' blows everywhere in the sky and looks just like snow flurries, and lands all over the park and streets like snow drifts. BONKERS!
Anyway it was blatantly crying out to be made into sheep

Pop(u)lar sheep..the coolest flock in town!