Saturday, 31 October 2009

THING 13 - Make up for Heather 'firestarter' Skowood's upcoming jewellery book

Ok so I can cheat a bit with my post this time..and just post a link..coz Heather has done all the hard typing-up and pictures work already, on her ace blog which you should all read! :-)


Friday, 16 October 2009


Holy glue fest!!! To the bat room Robin!! I mean..erm, the Bathroom :-)
I kinda stole this idea off something I saw on tv once, where this girl had done the same thing with old comics to tables and chairs.
I have had this authentic vintage original copy of ' Jimmy Olsen - Superman's pal" lying around for ages since I had a holiday in the USA years ago and bought it in a DC comic shop.
And I had two mirrors which I hated, coz the frames were so boring.
Anyway I mixed up some kryptonite glue and got the scizzorhands going and KAPOW!!! two new vintage style DC comic mirrors - HOLY AWESOMENESS BATFANS!!!

Saturday, 10 October 2009

THING 11 - Tarted up frock

..Well perhaps 'embellished' would be a better term than ' tarted up'..but anyway..its last years party frock, made a bit more special with some buttons, ribbon and silver flowers..and therefore it gets one more winter of parties to go come on ..send me some invites :-)
Apparently this style ( with fancy ruffly bits), and satin is still ' in vogue' this season, according to Marie Claire, so it MUST be true.